Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Blood Sanguine

Occasionally you meet people who lovingly name their clothes and develop a pseudo-human relationship with them. "Oh, Susannah, she's amazing. She's been with me for years!"
Other people can tell you a blow-by-blow account about certain items in their wardrobe. I happen to fall into the latter category. 

To me, you know there's something really special about certain items in your floordrobe when they come with a complete story behind their acquisition. It's even better if they've made the transition from floordrobe to permanent hanging space in a real wardrobe. Now we're really getting serious! 

My Bec & Bridge Blood Sanguine dress have a long, long history! I first tried this dress on when it came out in 2009. At the time, I umm'd and ahh'd about its practicality and cost-per-wear. So after annoying the sales assistant for at least 45 minutes, I turned my back on it. 
Fast forward two weeks, and I knew I HAD to have the dress. Spending the next two years looking for it everywhere online, in every boutique imaginable and on eBay, I finally found it on eBay! 
In fact, I was so desperate to have it that I'd asked Jay to bid on it at the same time, in case Vodafail let me down I somehow missed it. Not knowing his eBay username, I frantically outbid him (and effectively, myself) by another $15. In hindsight, it was all worth it, so I could play tourist and prance around the Japanese Gardens over the weekend! 

Bec & Bridge Blood Sanguine dress | Topshop boots | A Skulk of Foxes horse necklace | Cheap Monday Foretell ring | Signet ring | Bluejuice belt | Karl shoulder bag


Monday, 25 March 2013


In a world full of an increasing number of trends, sometimes it's nice to take inspiration from the simple things. Alex Franco and Rosie Tapner pull this off tremendously well for me in Russh's latest shoot, Confidential, wearing pieces form Topshop to Christopher Kane to Chanel. 

Since seeing this, I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of those shoes but can't seem to find them anywhere! Does anyone know where to buy them?

Photography: Alex Franco
Fashion: Gillian Wilkins
Art Director: Michael Donkin
Model: Rosie Tapner


Friday, 22 March 2013

Owl Eyes

I'm positive that if this were any other country, wearing a swimsuit as daywear would inexorably be considered as over the top (or just downright ridiculous) but to me, the whole point of fashion is just to have fun, or at least be able to express yourself! 

And speaking of fun, We Are Handsome do it so well! Even with the plethora of digital print, and especially for bodysuits and swimsuits, these guys are still my absolute favourite! Realistically, who else could get away with selling out of swimsuits with owl eyes, well, you know where.....

We Are Handsome The Wiseman one piece | May Lord pants | Asos Bow Link Necklace (worn as bracelet) | Matt Bernson sandals | Chanel sunglasses


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Make Your Mark

Tibi's printed, personalised Converse and Vans are back!! To set the scene, the range originally came out in October last year, and was inspired by some massive names in fashion (The Man Repeller, Miroslava Duma, Hanneli Mustaparta, etc). Previously available for a limited time, if you forgot were too slow to get them, they're now back online
The best part - they're monogrammed, which means no one can steal your shoes (unless of course, they have the same initials. Awkward...)! 

And now for the all important question: which pair would you get?? 

I've been tossing up between the Converse All-Stars Ox - Potpourri and the Converse All-Stars Hi - Daisies, but realistically, at $125 a pop, buying both pairs is definitely possible!


Ps. Excuse the dodgy picture - it was late. That is all. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

This Is What Makes Us Girls

Forget what LDR said, bows and lace are really what makes us girls! That is, if you're extremely girly, which of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with. Obviously it's not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, it's not even mine, but it's always fun to change it up every once in a while, even if only to confuse people. 

Mina lace dress (similar here) | Topshop vest | Chanel sunglasses | Asos bow necklace | Cookoo Watch stolen borrowed from the boy


Monday, 18 March 2013

Everything's Rosy

This blog never set out to be a beauty blog, in any shape or form. But Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist is so often overlooked, that I actually feel compelled to write about it. I'm by no means a beauty expert, or even a fanatic. As far as I'm concerned, the less I can get away with, the better! 
But THIS wonder spray had to be shared. A quick spritz leaves your skin revived and hydrated, and senses soothed in one go. Just a warning - one spray and you're pretty much hooked! 

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist available from here or here


Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Colourwise, although I normally stick to black, white, and grey, the one colour that has managed to sneak it's way into my otherwise monochrome wardrobe is green. Not just any old green, but the murkier shades like 'moss green', 'army green' and 'hunter green', according to good old Wiki. And just to drive the point home, I feel this could be my most heavily army-inspired outfit to date. That is, practicality, functionality and performance aside. Maybe it's just the trousers...

Piper Lane lace top (similar here) | Asos crop top | Poet Couture trousers | The Cassette Society jumper | Spike necklace from Etsy (similar here) | Lovisa Gold Claw ring | Topshop boots (similar here or here


Monday, 4 March 2013


Black, white, cream and a million shades of grey (beat that E.L. James!), autumn could not have come soon enough! Especially when it means wearing grey with heart elbow patches. Not that it ever makes much of a difference to my wardrobe, but I feel that it's so much more acceptable to dress in head to toe monochrome (nails included) all the time in the colder months without getting off comments from your friends, family, boyfriend and coworkers about how your wardrobe's lack of colour is sapping the life out of them. Ok, so that last bit is a little untrue, but I'm sure that's what they're thinking... 

On top of all this, I'm so looking forward to stomping through piles of crunchy autumn leaves, and jumping in puddles as soon as I get my hands on an amazing pair of gumboots. This is a mature blog, can't you tell! 

Asos boxy jumper with heart elbow patches | Socialight Eats Away pants | Vintage blue jumper | Topshop boots | Vintage belt (worn as necklace)


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Karl Time

You're probably all sick to death of my Karl obsession. Truth be told, my obsession scares me a little too, but at the moment, I couldn't be happier... During a quick Net-a-porter session I just discovered that Karl has released a line of watches!! 
These are my two favourite: The Karl 7 and the holographic Karl 7, or have a look at the whole range here