Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Highs and lows

640IMG_6446-2 640IMG_6527-2640IMG_6463-2 640IMG_6485-2 640IMG_6518-2  640IMG_6538-2After watching THE MOST HORRIFIC and brutal 10 minutes of TV I've ever seen (thanks Game of Thrones!!!) it seemed like a good idea to post something anything to try and pull myself into better spirits... So these pics are from a few weeks ago. A time before I my innocence and naivety were slain, alongside the Starks.
PS. If you were wondering, I totally balled my eyes out. Like a baby. Bet you did the same.

On a different note I get really sick of trends quite easily. A really big player last year which, in some ways, is still refusing to die off is the high-low skirt. Thankfully, the bulk of the seemingly inoffensive skirts and dresses have dropped off the radar but I occasionally see them popping up from time to time. This seems to be the way with most of the mainstream trends. So my skirt is kind of my nod to the death of that trend, while I feel like my incredibly sparkly silvery-blue nail polish is a sign that winter is coming. Not that my outfit needs analysing etc, of course! Either way, hopefully this means that the high-low trend is one that we'll not be seeing for a while.

And now that this is done, hopefully I'll be able to sleep sans nightmares....

Asos singlet | Asos skirt | OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam polish | Nicholas heels | Parliament of Two bubble wand necklace | Signet ring


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